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You can have Spina Bifida *and* be normal

LIVING with, not dying from, disease!

People living with Spina Bifida
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A source of education and comfort for people affected by Spina Bifida
If you have spina bifida, or you know someone with spina bifida, or you just want to learn about it, this community could be helpful for you. This community was created to provide both comfort and knowledge to people around the world about the medical condition called Spina Bifida. It is the first community on LJ.com focused specifically on Spina Bifida.

Personal information in any of the "friends only" posts on this site is forbidden to be shared elsewhere without the writer's consent.

Please be respectful of all posts and members. If you disagree with someone, keep it civil. And of course all questions are welcome. Also, please put large pics/entries under cuts to avoid issues with overloading some computers. this page is all for you. Post whatever relevant stuff you like! can't wait to hear from you!