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Hi. I'm 22 and live in Toronto, Ontario. I've always had back pain, and had been seeing a chiropractor/massage therapist for a good 6 years every 3 weeks because it was so severe.

It finally got to the point where I was finally irritated enough to really get on my doctors case. He had x-rays done, and we discovered I was born with spina bifida. I've just found this out a few months back. It made sence as to why I was in and out of hospital for 2 years every month for a severe kidney infection. [and if I could see my old doctor who blamed it on 'drinking and sex' i'd slap her stupid fucking face right off. she did NOTHING to try and help me.]

i went for an mri in april and discovered i have a grade 4 [there are 5 grades of severity] shift in my s1 and l5 bones. they move between 75% and 100% out of place. i have constant lower back pain, pinching down my legs and numbness in my toes. i'm on antiinflammatory and pain killers. i can't sleep.

i'm not paralyzed and i still have function of my bladder. i am in physio 4 times a week. i've lost the reflexes in my ankles and in one knee.

two months back i was rear ended and my pain in my lower back went from unbearable to excruchiatingly unbearable. i had to quit my job due to the pain.

I'm waiting out surgery, and due to the severity of my problems I've been placed on the "fast track" of surgery lists. this could take six months. the typical waiting list for this one particular surgeon is 4 years. i guess i can concider myself lucky.

now that we all know my sob story. i went from exercising three times a week vigorously, to not exercising at all.

what types of exercises do you do? since my accident i've gained at least ten pounds. i have a very short body and i feel and look terrible, plus the weight can't be good on already stressed out bones.
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