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Pregnancy & Giving Birth


It's quite exciting to find a forum like this where people can chat about SB. There are lots of factsheets on the internet but very few lifestyle aspects. I was born with SB and had my hole closed shortly after birth but have been very lucky and have lived an extremely normal life except for intermittent catheterisation and a few ops on my feet when I was little. I can also walk very well and without aids but have little sensation below my waist beyond that required to walk.

Just got married and am now looking to have a baby, but I have no idea about the practicalities of pregnancy and giving birth bearing in mind my own SB - obviously I have researched as much as I can and I am aware of needing to take lots of folic acid each day to try to prevent it in the baby and Im aware of tests during pregnancy etc, but it's a bit scary thinking of actually being pregnant and trying to give birth, bearing in mind my weak lower back and risks to bladder function as well as the fact that  I have had a DVT in my leg previously so am concerned about thrombosis.

Does anyone have any idea about these things? Im assuming that a planned c-section would be the most likely way of giving birth and GPs have mentioned it in the past, but how does that work - anyone know if I can still have an epidural or can they give a general anaesthetic in these circumstances?

Im concerned that I will get answers to these questions once Im pregnant, but it feels a bit late to me to already be pregnant, I'd like to know in advance so that I can plan carefully and know what Im letting us all in for!

Many thanks
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