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great pictures :) he's going to have chubby cheeks!
Just like his Mom, lol. That was the first thing my boyfriend said! He's appears to have more of my features, he has a nose that is a mix of both of us! Seeing those makes me want him right now, lol!
He's so beautiful. Those are amazing pictures.
Thank you :)
hey I was just googling and came across this, i have a 5 year old w/ sb and he sounds A LOT like your little one on the way. i am not a big blogger or any of that crap, but i had to post to tell you to just have faith, everything is going to be fine, my son was born early thru a planned c-section and we were able to see his little legs move during his ultrasounds, and he had a BAD lesion (l4-s2) they all told us he would never walk, be normal, whatever, but he walks without help (it just took a while and A LOT of therepy) and he started regular kindergarten this year, nobody knows or can believe it when we tell them. he has had 2 major surgeries. (the initial closure and also had to get a shunt put in) but other than that he is the BEST thing that ever happened to me. what i am saying is, i totally understand and have been there, dont freak out, it will be ok :)
Thank you! I will be having a planned C-section as well. . They don't know where lesion is, but they've said its low. . With all the kicks & movement I feel I am rather confident he will have good range of movement. Some days are better than others, more so first thing in the morning when I get woken up by one of the doctors calling. . But everyone is thinking positive which is a great help! And everyone in this community along with the Pregnant community have been great as well! :) If you ever want to, feel free to email or IM me on AIM